December 2011

Hi all, I just returned from an exhausting but great freelance assignment travelling with a writer to Burundi and Rwanda.

I was shooting for a Canadian aid agency and the pictures, in short, are intended to raise money for some pretty poor communities. Wish I could provide a bit more context but unfortunately I can’t post captions right now.

Thanks a million for checking them out!

Some other pics before I left for Africa

Pictures from Jenna Morrison’s memorial ride. She was a pregnant cyclist who was fatally hit by a truck.

TORONTO: NOVEMBER 14, 2011– A woman (name withheld) grieves after a memorial ride on Monday, November 14, for pregnant cyclist Jenna Morrison, who was recently killed after being struck by a truck at Sterling and Dundas in Toronto.  The ride culminated at the west-end intersection where candles and flowers have been placed, a stencil drawn and where activists painted bike lane symbols in the place of the 38-year-old mother’s death. (Michelle Siu for The Globe and Mail)

Click here for The Globe and Mail gallery.

My ears are dead (must remember to pack those earplugs) but I survived the Deadmau5 concert.

TORONTO: NOVEMBER 5, 2011–DEADMAU5–Fans watch as  Deadmau5 performs in Toronto at the Rogers Center for the final show of his tour on Saturday, November 5, 2011.  The electronic DJ  known for performing in a mouse-head mask, was greeted by a stadium of adoring fans sporting home-made mouse-heads and glowing mouse ears. (Michelle Siu for National Post)