New website, finally.

A52W2835bI’ve built a website (I know, finally).

I do realize that I’ve I’ve relied on this blog for far too long.

Admittedly the site passively existed for a few months but I just updated it properly and wanted to formally release it into the world to share my work with you fine folks.

The four personal projects are from this past year that I poured my resources and heart into.  I’m still trying to find a home for some stories and I will until it kills me. I feel so indebted to my subjects and the stories if I fail in doing that.

I’m currently in Toronto after shooting for an NGO in Eastern Europe for a bit and working on personal work in Asia for three months. I’m such a lousy blogger/social media person but someday I’ll be better. I am blaming the jet lag for being awake at 4AM but it’s probably just my neurosis.

Anyway, please feel free to check out my blood, sweat and soul here: