Lake St. Martin Outtakes

Hi guys, I’m looking forward to drafting up a few blog posts for you over the next few weeks. As a quick recap, since July I’ve been fortunate enough to produce two new photo stories, a portrait series and I also returned back to Winnipeg to continue documenting the displacement of Lake St. Martin First Nations Reserve. I feel lucky to have been able to fund the past few months through some corporate shoots and I am trying to get some funding to continue a number of the stories.

I found myself in Missouri twice for two very different reasons (photography-wise) which I’ll share more about in a future post.

Right after my last trip to Missouri I went straight to one of my fave places, New York City, for some work-related reasons. Also while I was there some great friends got me into shooting film for kicks. I very much see life and pictures in colour, so black and white film is a whole other exciting game. I’d love to show you how I’ve mucking around with this film camera.

Looking back, I didn’t pay for hotels in most of these places. I am so moved by the generosity of friends and strangers that have given me a place to lay my head in order to make this work possible.

I’ve met some of the most amazing people and I can’t wait for you to get to know them through some photos.

I’ll go in chronological order with posts. So here are some outtakes from my Lake St. Martin project from this summer and some images from the past year that didn’t quite make the cut on my website. 

I’m trying to get some funding to go back for a 4th time as this year is a very important year for LSM with a new land deal closer than ever before. I’m also scouring for funding to return to 2 other projects as well so here’s hoping I can find a way through grants or some corporate work.

A52W7503      An evacuees clutches a beer behind a hotel housing evacuees in Winnipeg.A52W5342A52W8467